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Antenna Controllers

STC-series is a range of antenna controllers specifically designed for use with GigaSat flyaway, driveaway and fixed antenna systems, but equally suitable for use with any other motorised antenna with positional feedback.

Comprehensive software features allowing antennas to automatically point to up to 99 programmable coordinates, either actual as usually acceptable for a fixed antenna installation or for driveaway or flyaway systems relative to direction/position information supplied by an external flux gate compass and GPS.

On GigaSat motorised flyaway and driveaway antennas these are integral to the antenna local control unit and “Compass Cal” and “Compass Offset” features allow environmental irregularities to be compensated for when moving from one location to another.

Auto peak will guide the antenna though a box search and the STC-series can be configured to either peak on an external voltage such as AGC or BER outputs from a modem or integral relative signal strength indicator (RSSI) on the STC-110 or integral beacon receiver/digital signal receiver, (DSR) on the STC-120.

Once peaked the STC series can be put into tracking mode which will re-peak the antenna at any user defined time interval, or if the inclination of the satellite is programmed via the front panel user interface, the re-peaking process becomes automatic and the STC-120 with integral beacon receiver has proven to maintain power stability within 0.4dB in any 24 hours even when working on highly inclined X-band satellites.

Again, where satellite inclination is known and programmed into the controller, the software can calculate the actual satellite position at any time of day and will accurately point the antenna to its known position before entering peaking and tracking modes.

Rack mount and half rack mount versions of the STC-series have universal 90 to 260VAC power supplies, whilst the weatherproof hand held version is conveniently 12VDC supplied, usually from the antenna local control unit