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Our KST-2000A/B Ku-Band satellite earth station transceiver is a full-featured, high-performance transceiver available in several application-specific configurations. Performance highlights include the following:

  • 13.75 to 14.5 GHz TX (available ≤ 40 W)

  • 14.0 to 14.5 GHz TX optional (available ≤ 80 W)

  • 10.95 to 12.75 GHz RX with wide band LNA (KST-2000A)

  • 10.95 to 11.70 GHz, 11.70 to 12.20 GHz or 12.25 to 12.75 GHz RX (KST-2000B)

  • 70 or 140 MHz IF input/output

  • Transmit only option available

A KST-2000A/B consists of three distinct functional areas:


The converter portion of the system controls external SSPAs. The converter unit is a convection cooled, up/down converter with an internal power supply and microprocessor-based Monitor and Control (M&C).

Receive Options

The KST-2000A model includes a Low Noise Amplifier (LNA), while the KST-2000B offers a choice of Low Noise Block converters (LNB). Both the LNA and LNB are feed-mounted with or without a Transmit Reject Filter (TRF).

Power Amplifier

Power amplifiers are available in a selection of output capabilities. Automatic Gain Control (AGC) provides power output stability for 40 W or less.


  • Feedhorn-mounted SSPA (2, 4, or 8 W)

  • Lightweight units (intended for spar mount)

  • Modular construction for ease of upgrades

  • FSK control from selected CEFD modems

  • Built-in Display and Keypad option (available)

  • External LED indicators for Power, TX RF, and Fault

  • Power-factor-corrected power supplies

  • L-Band receive monitor output

  • High-stability internal frequency reference or an external reference

  • Built in redundancy controller


The KST-2000A/B can be mounted behind the reflector of small antennas, on the feed boom of offset feed antennas, or within the hub of larger antennas. Two coaxial cables connect the converter unit to the separate SSPA and the LNA or LNB assembly. Additionally, the SSPA connects to the converter unit with a separate M&C cable. For SSPAs of 8W or less, the M&C cable supplies power directly from the converter unit. For applications above 8W, the SSPA contains a separate power supply. Connection to indoor equipment, such as modems, is accommodated via two low-cost 70 or 140 MHz coaxial cables. A twisted pair may be used for M&C functions.